7 results of yoga classes
Many who have decided to change their lifestyle, improve their physical condition, who have set a goal to learn how to cope with stress and overcome daily challenges, pay attention to various areas of yoga . And many people have questions about what to expect from yoga, how fast the results can be and how it will change their lives personally.

Teachers of One Yoga NYC Studio in New York have prepared, based on their own experience, a guide about the reasons to practice yoga and the "consequences" of yoga for those who do it regularly.

What to expect from yoga classes?

As a rule, the schedule of yoga classes it involves performing exercises at least three times a week. With such a schedule, the body has time to recover from the loads. Yoga practice, which includes physical exercises, proper breathing, meditation, is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, gender, individual abilities for sports training, etc. That is, with the right choice of direction, yoga is suitable for everyone. As practice shows, even those beginners who regularly practice for only a few months, feel special results.

Yoga is addictive

This is one of those effects that often amaze those who take their first steps in yoga . The longer a person practice yoga, the sharper the desire to do it more often. Having felt the effect of the lesson, there is always a desire to stretch, perform this or that asana, since after training there is always a surge of vitality, getting rid of fatigue.
Restoring sleep mode

Regular yoga classes allow you to get rid of insomnia, which in turn makes it possible to develop the right regime. Therefore, many practitioners, after several months of classes, note that they have moved from the category of "owls" to "larks" and now get up very early. This radically changes the way of life as a whole, as there is an opportunity to approach the use of free time more competently, to have time for yourself and be more efficient.
Moreover, there is not only enough time for everything, but also strength, because yoga allows you to open up new possibilities of your own body, releases its hidden potential, and also helps to put things in order in your own head, set priorities correctly.

This is a voluntary choice of yogis, allowing you to feel the fullness of life without additional doping in the form of alcohol. By regularly attending workouts, performing asanas and doing meditation, you realize that you can get a good mood and a sense of uplifting life without a glass of wine or whiskey. Even at noisy parties, you can have fun and behave naturally, while refusing alcohol, not suffering from a hangover in the morning and having a fresh head for solving everyday tasks.
Proper nutrition

Yoga teachers do not force you to switch to proper nutrition right from the first lesson and exclude many foods from your diet. This is the choice of every person, yoga is not about strict prohibitions and coercion to anything. But one of the important tenets of this philosophy is to watch what you put in your mouth. No one is calling you to starve, it's about a reasonable choice of the food that benefits. Receiving certain loads from classes, the body itself requires specific foods and nutrients. That is why it is important to listen carefully to your own body, analyzing what it wants in terms of food.

Harmful, processed foods give a false sense of satiety and have no nutrients. Therefore, yoga suggests choosing natural, "live" products – fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, whole grains that purify and saturate the body and mind.

Yoga helps weight loss since it recommends eating two to three times a day, in small portions, the last meal is two hours before bedtime, with a fasting day once a week. This approach to nutrition necessarily leads to weight loss.

Another important rule of yoga – nonviolence – applies to the approach to nutrition. The ideal option is to refuse to eat meat, since violence against animals for food contradicts the dogmas of Indian philosophy. A yogi who regularly practices and at the same time adheres to a certain diet, necessarily notes an improvement in health, his body becomes stronger and stronger.
Spiritual development

For many, yoga and self-development practice inseparable from each other concepts. Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to understand that not only material goods and physical health are important for feeling like a happy person, but also the ability to live in harmony primarily with oneself. Yoga is not just a class where you need to perform a series of exercises, it is a way of life for people who are ready to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, who are ready to change themselves and their attitude to the world.
Breathing practices and meditation have a special influence. If you are experiencing panic attacks, do not know how to restrain your emotions, are looking for a way to get rid of obsessive thoughts, it is worth mastering the introduction to pranayama – the practice of conscious breathing. Those who regularly practice breathing techniques note the ability to calmly relate to any life situation, control their thoughts, and get rid of stress.
Improving the body

The maximum effect of yoga classes – is the improvement of the whole body. Thanks to regular training, you can protect yourself from many chronic diseases, inflammation, colds and other diseases. Thanks to the loads, posture improves, the spine stretches, chiseled muscles are formed, attractive contours. Performing asanas opens up a unique opportunity to get to know your body and your abilities better, gain self-confidence, feel lightness and a surge of vitality.

Spiritual practices relieve stress and depression, return a sound sleep, and together with a good rest provide high productivity in the work process, success in life in general.
Strange questions

Everyone who starts practicing yoga often has to answer various strange questions from friends and acquaintances related to training: "Is it true that yogis are forbidden to drink alcohol? Why don't you eat meat? Can you stand on your head? Why did you go to this cult?" Due to insufficient knowledge, many mistakenly perceive yoga as a collection of various taboos, associating it with religion, or a way to manifest physical superpowers. Such interest can be treated in different ways, but the best way is to tell the truth about yoga in more detail.

Yoga teaches you to react correctly to what is happening, instills the habit of being positive for the whole day, regardless of what is happening in the world around you.
Where can I do yoga?

If you share the principles of yoga and intend to improve yourself physically and spiritually, Yoga Studio in Downtown opens doors for everyone.
We have teachers with many years of experience in various areas of yoga which will help you master asanas and meditation, giving you the opportunity to discover the ability to change your life, no matter what kind of world surrounds you.
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