How to start practicing yoga?
Everyone comes to yoga classes with their own goals – to relieve stress, improve their shape, develop flexibility, increase energy levels, learn to relax, get to know yourself. Whatever goals you set, we can help you achieve, in the friendliest physical and spiritual practice for beginners. It is suitable for people with good athletic training, and those who have never attended a gym, suitable for both young and mature.
New York Yoga Classes In the Studio ONE YOGA NYC is an opportunity to practice yoga, where experienced teachers will help determine the direction, learn the correct body position in different asanas, which will make further training effective.
Which direction should a beginner choose?

It is difficult to determine which the easiest yoga workout is for beginners. It all
depends on a person's personal preferences and capabilities. All practices will help you achieve relaxation; reduce stress, gain knowledge and skills to understand your body. Some practices are focused on stretching, others on postures and back health, others on strengthening exercises, and others on meditation. Therefore, to begin with, it is important to understand the goals in order to choose a specific direction for training.

Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular practices, it is also called the preparation of a person on the path to self–development, since there are no difficult tasks for the mind and body in it. The training is based on performing static asanas in combination with breathing and high concentration of attention.
Kundalini yoga of mindfulness, which teaches how to manage emotions, makes the psyche more stable, relieves stress. The very name of the practice defines the peculiarity of training – kundalini means energy, which is located in the spine.
Therefore, this direction – yoga for the back and spine – is perfect for those who need back restoration and support. Traditional asanas are complemented with breathing practices, and meditation.
Jivamukti yoga - works with chakras.
Workouts include physical activity (vinyasa poses), mantras, meditation, and the study of sacred texts. This type of yoga allows you to harmonize the inner world, diverting your attention from everyday problems. For beginners, a basic course is more suitable. This is a course in which yoga is being mastered – where to start studying, and how balances, slopes, deflections and basic vinyasas are performed.
Inferno Hot Pilates – classes take place in a special atmosphere. For Hot Pilates, the air in the classroom is heated up to 95 ° F, and humidity is controlled within 40%. The classic intervals are most often used : 20 seconds of intense loads and 10 seconds of rest. However the teacher can use other training patterns as well. Suitable for beginners who set out to form strong muscles,remove excess weight on the abdomen, create an attractive shape.
Original Hot Yoga and Bikram yoga also provides training in conditions reminiscent of the climate of India (the air is heated to 105° F and humidity of 40%). Bikram yoga is the set of 26 asanas and 2 breathing exercises, which help you to work out all the muscles and joints. This practice works out every system of organs; organ by organ; and with consistent practice cures all chronic diseases overtime. Due to the temperature regime and cardio loads, weight loss occurs, getting rid of excess fluid and improving skin and muscle tone. Classes have a healing effect on the internal organs, increases strength, endurance, flexibility
of the body. They last 90 minutes and are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
Asanas for beginners

It is important to note that it is better to start practicing yoga with an instructor. Only
an experienced teacher can control the features of performing asanas.

In order for the
training to be as effective as possible, it is important to synchronize asanas and
breathing. In the process, it is important not to hold your breath: it should remain
smooth, calm and even, the inhale goes into the exhale and back.

There is a number of asanas, which no trend of yoga can do without , so they begin
to master yoga from such postures.
Tadasana (Samaskhiti) – mountain pose – just standing position. However the correct performance of the asana requires maximum concentration and differs from the pose in which we are used to standing in everyday life.
Adho mukha shvanasana is "downward facing dog", no complex for beginners can do without this asana. It only seems complicated at first glance, and with the acquisition of experience, the asana passes into the category of "rest poses».
Utthita trikonasana – the elongated triangle pose is a mandatory element in classes for beginners. Regular performance of this asana helps with breathing difficulties, strengthens the main muscle groups, helps to reduce fat deposits in the waist area, and relieves back pain.
Vrikshasana – tree pose is one of the key asanas for beginners, which has a beneficial effect on the psyche: it promotes mental balance, calms the nervous system, gives a sense of balance, stability, self–confidence.
Paschimottanasana – intensive stretching of the back side of the body. The essence of the pose is to try to sit on the sciatic bones so that you can feel how they rest on the floor. On the inhale, we stretch up with our hands, straightening the spine, on the exhale, with a straight back, we descend to the legs and grab the feet. This asana helps with back and spine pain, relieves nervous tension, headache.
Contraindications for yoga classes
There are very few contraindications in yoga, so before classes you should pay
attention that it is not recommended to practice yoga in such conditions:
  • mental disorders;
  • heart disease and complex organic damage to the heart muscle;
  • severe spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries;
  • neuroinfections, epilepsy;
  • oncology in any manifestations;
  • blood diseases.
Also, training during rehabilitation after surgery is not recommended. During the
exacerbation of chronic diseases or elevated body temperatures, it is also better to limit yourself to light stretching.
In all other cases, it is possible and even recommended to come to classes and select an individual lesson program with the teacher.
Consult your doctor before attending the class!

Which class should a beginner choose?
All our classes are suitable for beginners. Please let our teachers know before the class that you just starting your journey, and they’ll give you recommendations and modifications if necessary. To decide on the choice of your direction, contact One Yoga NYC Studio teachers for advice. They will pick up a set of exercises, help beginners learn the correct body position in different asanas, also advise on the form of clothing and accessories that may be needed for classes, help make a schedule of visits.
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