Explore the world of meditation: how to improve concentration and mood
Life surrounded by gadgets, from which a stream of various information is constantly pouring out, regular stresses and anxieties accompanying the everyday life of a modern person, practically leave neither time nor opportunities to focus on the main thing and discard the superfluous, give the brain a rest and direct the flow of their own thoughts to what is really important and valuable.

Those who begin to think about it and are in search of the practice of improving their mood and their own life in general, necessarily come to the subtle world of
meditation, where they are taught to abstract from external factors and focus on the present moment.

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The way to deal with stress is meditation!

Recent data from the American Psychological Association show that about 73% of Americans regularly experience psychological, 77% – physical symptoms caused by stress. Such figures once again confirm that stress has become an integral part of modern man's life. The term "stress" itself means the body's reaction to a certain life experience, which is not always pleasant. Therefore, it is not only prevent one from relaxing or having a rest, but also leads to more serious health problems, both on an
emotional and physical level.

Meditation is one of the ways to escape from everyday stress. The main goal of the practice is to abstract from external factors, focus on the present moment, using certain tools for this: breathing, observing, performing mindful movements.

Those who regularly practice various meditation techniques note the benefits of meditation classes which you have felt in your life:

  • stress reduction,
  • getting rid of anxiety symptoms,
  • increasing positive emotions,
  • the ability to stay in the present moment,
  • helps with dependent behavior,
  • at the physical level, such practices help reduce high blood pressure,
  • relieve chronic pain.
Manage your emotions

Currently, a huge number of different meditation techniques are used, but in general they can be classified into two main groups.

  • The first is that the meditator observes the internal (thoughts, feelings, memory) or external (sound, smell) aspects of his life, without judgment, without attachment. The second is that the meditator focuses on a specific object (breathing, mantras, body parts, objects, sounds), trying to feel life «here and now».

One of the most popular in this direction is the practice of meditation of mindfulness so-called Mindfulness meditation.

A special Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program was directly
developed to reduce stress. Today it is widely used to treat patients with a variety of ailments in many countries. The course lasts 8 weeks under the guidance of a specialist. Classes are live online meetings in the form of webinars, where participants must complete homework (meditation and exercises) daily.

The main task of meditative practices is to learn to control your thoughts. As noted in the Indian treatise "Bhagavad Gita", the brain can be both a friend and an enemy of a person. It is meditation that helps to see the world as real, without personal illusions.
In the course of classes, people learn to cope with stress on their own, as well as many difficulties, trying to change not the situation, but their attitude to what is happening, to develop skills that will make it easier to live the present in the moment.
Thanks to regular meditation, the brain is rebooted, getting rid of stereotypes and unnecessary emotions. Practices help to look at the world objectively and control your brain in any situation.
Concentrate and increase productivity!

Development of concentration – this is the meaning of meditation. On how much a person is able to concentrate and on what, his life successes and failures largely depend.

How can meditation be used to increase concentration and memory? First of all, it is
important to focus on the object, sound or sensation. It has already been scientifically proven that daily meditation is akin to regular sports training. As many studies show, two weeks of practice is enough for the attention index to increase by 16%. Constant work with attention triggers structural changes in our brain, the world view changes.
If at the beginning of the practice, attention is distracted by thoughts, emotions, discomfort or tension in the body, then after regular meditation, concentration improves. And in turn this leads to increased productivity, improves memory, changes the reaction to stressful situations. Thanks to meditation, cognitive skills at work develop quickly, so a person concentrates better on current tasks.

A person begins to notice that he himself becomes more objective in choosing his behavior and reaction to surrounding events. This changes communication with relatives and work colleagues in many ways, conflict situations become less. Meditation also promotes the development of intuition, in addition, it has been scientifically proven that constant practice helps to open up creative potential. Concentrating on one activity, a person is in a special state when he reveals his abilities to the maximum and knows how to control the reactions .
How to start meditating and improve your mood?

The first rule of meditation is to do it regularly. After several sessions, the result is unlikely to be noticeable, because it will not be possible to change the perception of the surrounding world quickly.
There are several simple rules that should be followed by those who begin the
practice of meditation.
  • To practice meditation, experts advise to devote at least 15 minutes a day.
  • It is important to do this in silence and at a comfortable temperature in the room.
  • Many mentors advise doing this early in the morning, but this is not a prerequisite – if there is no time in the morning, you can do it at any free time.
  • The most suitable pose for meditation is the lotus, when it is necessary to cross your legs in front of you in a sitting position, your back is straight, your gaze is forward.
  • The main rule is to remain still and first of all try to immerse yourself in the process without being distracted by external factors.
  • You need to focus your attention as much as possible on your breathing and your feelings, throwing out all the excess out of your head, while relaxing your body as much as possible. At first it is quite difficult to do , but over time a person learns this.
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