Yoga for Beginners: Step by Step
"The most difficult thing in yoga is to lay out the mat," said Bellur Krishnamachar Iyengar, a teacher who developed a new direction based on classical hatha yoga, named after its founder.
For beginners who have decided to practice yoga, it is really difficult at the first stage, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered even before unfolding the mat. Instructors of ONE YOGA NYC Studio who teach yoga сlasses for beginners will help to determine their goals (yoga сlasses for beginners in New York City) .
Defining goals

For those who are just beginning to be interested in yoga it is associated with different images:
  • for some – with specific physical exercises and relaxation, for others – with breathing practices,
  • for others – with unusual abilities like standing on nails.
In fact, yoga means "connection, unity, union", so asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama), as well as relaxation are only parts of a huge layer of knowledge. The main idea of yoga is enlightenment, the unification of spirit, mind and body, a tool that allows you to know yourself and your capabilities, to find harmony of physical health and spiritual.

Thus, before taking the first steps in yoga, try to understand the theoretical part, read about the features of various practices, "try on" them for your goals and capabilities. Learn more about spiritual practices and meditation

ONE YOGA Studio New York employs trainers with many years of experience, so they will definitely tell you how to choose yoga classes for beginners (Start practicing yoga).
Mastering asanas

Yoga asanas are a body positions which allow you to control energy and physiological processes by redistributing extension, compression and tension in the body. In other words , these are poses that yogis practice. There are quite a lot of them, but at the initial stage, beginners need to master a few basic ones.
All practices begin with the greeting "Surya Namaskar", and one of the asanas is «downward facing dog» (adho mukha svanasana) . This pose is a classic of yoga, which teaches to develop balance in the body, to increase endurance.
Another basic asana is «plank» (kumbhakasana), which involves the muscles of the core, back,
abs, legs and arms.
Asana «upward facing dog" ( urdhva mukha svanasana) – allows you to achieve maximum stretching of the front part of the body. The pose makes it possible to physically feel a pleasant
surge of energy throughout the body.
Warrior I and Warrior II asanas (virabhadrasana) are static poses which allow fullness of breath and activate the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
Study and choose practices

Yoga has a huge number of practices, so there is an opportunity for people with any physical fitness and health condition to practice. But each of them has its own specifics, a set of asanas, so you should listen to yourself and consult with an experienced teacher.
Hot Bikram Yoga feature of this direction is that practice takes place in a "hot" room at a temperature of 105F° C and humidity of 40%. That is, the conditions mimic the climate of India as much as possible, helping to immerse yourself in the necessary atmosphere. Classes take 90 minutes, consist of 26 asanas and two breathing exercises that allow you to work out all the muscles and joints. Bikram yoga is a great option for those who have set themselves the goal of losing excess weight: in one lesson you can burn from 500 to 1000 kcal. In addition, regular physical training will help strengthen immune system, cardiovascular system, cleanse the body of toxins and wastes, get rid of stress and tension.
Hot Pilates – also training in a hot room for effective and gentle pumping of the whole body. The training is based on breathing, balance, the development of muscle strength and flexibility. It consists of a short series of high-intensity interval exercises and a series of low-intensity exercises, between which there is time for recovery. This direction is suitable for those who, with the help of training, want to form strong muscles, remove excess fat from the abdomen, tighten the abs and pump up the buttocks.
Practice in a hot gym allows you to remove excess fluid from the body, and also improves lymph flow and metabolism. Even after several workouts, the body begins to acquire slimness and spectacular relief, becomes flexible and obedient.
Power Yoga – this is a practice that combines elements of Ashtanga vinyasa, Bikram yoga and Iyengar yoga. Its main philosophy is to ground practitioners in the physical body and encourage them to explore their own inner world. For beginners, our ONE YOGA NYC Studio has developed special lightweight complexes, for
professionals – full-fledged workouts for all muscle groups. Trainings can take place both in a hot room and in a room with normal temperature. Regular classes allow you to quickly put your body in order, achieve the right "cubes", slimness and relief. Among other important results of the classes is an increase in tone, mood, the ability to feel harmony with the world.
Jivamukti Yoga – these are trainings involving working with chakras and energy flows. Classes are held with music and are more like a smooth dance, when asanas flow from one to another under a certain rhythm of breathing. The practice includes several levels of difficulty. For beginners, the basic course is more suitable, which provides four classes where yoga is mastered – where to start studying and how balances, slopes, deflections and basic vinyasas are performed.
Mindfulness meditation -mindfulness is a key principle of buddhist meditation, which is based on the ability of a person to observe real events from the outside, to adequately perceive it "here and now", to live "not automatically", but by engaging in processes, consciously choose their thoughts, track emotions. Due to the fact that a person observes this distantly, he learns to accept life events as they are, even if they are tragic or extremely unpleasant. After completing the course, a person finds new ways to cope with difficulties, stress, discovers new opportunities in life, makes it more harmonious and holistic.
To decide on the choice of your direction, seek advice from the teachers of One Yoga NYC Studio, who individually approach each student – they will select a set of exercises, control the correct position of the body in different asanas, also advise on the form of clothing and accessories that may be needed for classes, help make a schedule of visits. You can sign up for the first class on the website or by call.
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