Yoga for men and women – are there any differences?
Despite the fact that yoga fans are becoming more and more all over the world, there are still many misconceptions about who is more suitable for this practice – men or women. Someone is convinced that yoga is only for men, because its practices involve a lot of power asanas, someone, on the contrary, sees in it only a feminine nature, arguing this with a large number of
exercises to develop flexibility.

In reality, yoga is a full–fledged workout for the whole body, it is equally complex and useful for both men and women. To start practicing yoga
first of all, it is necessary to understand that the main goals of the practice is to
improve health, improve mood, and increase energy potential. According to these goals, the main difference between women's and men's practice is not in changing the techniques themselves, but in need to take into account the peculiarities of the male and female body.

Yoga Studio in Manhattan invites men and women to classes. The uniqueness of our course is that our trainers do not just conduct training, but also transfer diverse experience as specialists with many years of experience in teaching and practicing yoga daily.
How is yoga useful for women and men?

To begin with, it is worth recognizing that initially it was men who did yoga. The figures of Buddha, Shiva and other deities, frozen in meditative poses, testify to the male dominant in yoga. However, for many women, this philosophy has also become a way of life. Yoga teaches an important aspect of human development: establishing a closer connection between mind and body, achieving harmony with oneself and the outside world. And in this aspect, the gender of a person is absolutely unimportant.

The health benefits of meditation both men and women are already noticeable from the first classes. The main thing that it gives is the
opportunity to relax our brain, increases stress resistance, has a beneficial effect on mental
activity and improves mental state.

The benefits of yoga for the figure are also undeniable both female and male. It allows you to get to know your body and your capabilities better. Thanks to regular training, posture improves, the spine stretches, attractive contours of both male and female figures are formed.
Yoga for women's health
Already the first classes give a woman to feel the changes: instead of the tension that
accompanies us daily, lightness, smoothness comes, the psycho-emotional background normalizes.
There are several aspects that demonstrate the beneficial effect of training on a woman's body: the ability to relax, get rid of stress and depression. Practices affect the functioning of blood vessels, brain, muscles, relieve tension, chronic fatigue, open up opportunities for using the internal reserves of the body. Proper breathing ensures sound sleep; weight loss, fit body, beautiful posture. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to training and changing the nutrition system, yoga allows a woman to get rid of extra pounds, the skin tightens, the body acquires a beautiful smooth outline;
endocrine profile and reproductive system. The first thing that women who have started doing yoga regularly note is getting rid of menstrual pain and normalization of the cycle. Taking into account the increased blood circulation during asanas, the work of the adrenal glands, pituitary gland, hypothalamus is stimulated in the pelvis. The level of estrogen decreases, the functions of the thyroid gland are stabilized. There is a significant improvement in the quality of sexual life.

Yoga also has a special complex for women planning to conceive a child;
slowing down the aging process. Inverted asanas stimulate brain activity, strengthen bones and joints, relieve psychosomatic disorders.
Yoga for men's health
Thanks to regular classes, men also see many changes:
  • the body becomes more flexible and strong,
  • getting rid of stress, insomnia, headaches,
  • the overall tone of the body increases,
  • the nervous system stabilizes, spasms and muscle blocks go away,
  • due to the stimulation of nerve endings, there is an increase in potency, stabilization of the prostate gland, relationships with people ,and in general, the attitude to one's own life are changing.
How do men and women see yoga?

Yoga and Meditation Practice it is perceived differently by men and women. Women are more aware of their body, more focused on the nuances, so they
build the asana to the smallest detail, and then consciously hold it, controlling the position of the body. Men even strain the whole body to engage one group of muscles in the asana. They subconsciously wait for strength training.
Therefore, in the classroom, it is important for men to learn more to extend their attention to the body and its numerous important points, and women, after detuning the asana, need to learn
how to pull attention out of the body and "discarding" it, go into meditation. Partner yoga helps in this. Joint yoga for men and women pursues the main goal – a partner helps to keep balance, do backbends, stretches, stay where you need to, as a support.

Differences between male and female yoga practices

The male and female bodies function differently: each has its own characteristics of the nervous and reproductive system. Therefore, for classes that correct health, it is important to take this into account. For example, if a woman practices power asanas for a long time and persistently, hormonal changes may appear, which in turn lead to external manifestations: in addition to changes in the body, there is a redistribution of subcutaneous fat by male type, which affects the reproductive system.

A man starting to practice yoga should understand that training will not make him more feminine or overly sensitive. On the contrary, they harden physically and spiritually, generally improving the quality of life.
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