Yoga for runners: improving results and preventing injuries.
Running has been and remains one of the most popular types of physical activity.
More lately it has been combined with yoga, which harmoniously complements
not only physical activity, but also changes the way of thinking and the way of life itself. Those who regularly combine yoga and running, note a lot of positive
changes in their own body and emotional state.

How to combine yoga and cardio exercises & which yoga directions are best suited for this –ONE YOGA NYC Studio in New York.
How can yoga be useful for runners?

The answer to this question lies in the philosophy of ancient practice itself. It is primarily a tool for self-recovery on the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. For anyone that participates in running, this can help in those areas for several reasons. Here are some reasons.

  • Performing asanas helps to improve mobility & prevent injuries.
  • Regular yoga classes develop strength and endurance.
  • Bikram yoga has been known to help rid of back pain due to muscle strain during running as well as relieve fatigue.
  • Thanks to yoga, coordination and balance can be improved, which is necessary for those who often run on uneven terrain.
  • Yoga is great for weight loss, helping to burn calories, which will be relevant to those who are aiming to lose weight and run lighter on their joints.
  • Yoga strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems, which is also important for those who run.
  • A regular workout help calm the nervous system, get rid of tension and stress.

According to experts, the effect of yoga which is especially important for runners in the economy of running that is, the amount of energy spent at a certain pace.

Those who engage in running learn the need of pay attention to their breathing. It is well known that in running, regardless of whether it is long or short distances, it is important to breathe properly. This can be learned in yoga, through breathing techniques (pranayama). Performing asanas and breathing techniques allows you to learn the practice of conscious breathing. And this will make it easier to breathe during training, chest pains can dissolve as the yoga practitioner learns to use the muscles of their breathing. Running can become much easier as a result.

Runners are exposed to different kinds of professional injuries, one of the most common is the so-called "runner's knee'. (Patellofemoral pain syndrome,) pain around the kneecap, which makes it difficult to run. Yoga exercises that promote stretching, flexibility and muscle strengthening can help this to repair. Yoga before or after running, can be a preventative measure to the occurrence of such an injury as well.

Deep breathing exercises can improve mental and physical endurance, which is extremely important for long-distance running and sprinting.
Thanks to conscious breath control, you can achieve great success in running, as the practice of calming the mind will help you tune in to the race, make the body more resilient.
Yoga Practices for Runners

There are several yoga practices that can be combined with running. As a rule,
experts recommend selecting those in which asanas focus on poses that relieve the hips and chest, that teach the lengthening of the leg muscles.
Inferno Hot Pilates classes is also great for runners! Pilates was originally developed for people, including athletes, who needed to recover from injuries. The practice is based on breathing, balance, and the development of muscle strength and flexibility. It is great not only for those who need recovery, but also for those who intend to train healthy movement and a balanced core. Like yoga, it creates balance of spirit, mind, and body.
Bikram Yoga takes place in a "hot" room at a temperature of 40 ° C and a humidity of 38-40%. Such an environment resembles the climate of India, allowing you to immerse yourself in practice as much as possible. The base of New York's Original Hot Yoga – is 26 asanas and two breathing exercises performed sequentially and allowing you to work out all the muscles and joints, including those that are not involved in running. Regular practice has a positive effect on all internal organs.
Jivamukti Yoga in Manhattan opens up a unique combination of physical exercises with spiritual practices, which makes it possible to learn how to control your physical and spiritual state. Exercises are performed to music. The set of exercises are a smooth sequence of poses combined with breathing, which flow. It is gentle and very effective.
How to combine running and yoga correctly?

There are no clear prescriptions for what is better – yoga after running or before. For someone, the evening option is preferable, as it helps to relax and sleep. Someone chooses the morning hours to recharge their energy for the whole day.
The main thing is the desire and the ability to fit classes into your schedule. It all depends on the regime of a particular person.
You can practice yoga both before and after jogging, when the body is warmed up and more susceptible to stretching. But in general, after running long distances, doctors do not recommend loading the body, so if you do full-fledged yoga, it is better not to do it at the same time. If we are talking about light stretching asanas, it will be useful to perform them immediately after jogging.
The frequency also depends on the regime of the person, but experts advise yoga classes at least twice a week.

There are very few contraindications for yoga, people of any age, gender, and with different physical fitness can engage in this practice. For those who are engaged in running and have certain injuries, inflammatory processes in the body, experts advise to be more attentive to the choice of asanas. For example, with painful sensations in the knees, it is better to avoid the Eagle pose, which includes a lot of twists in the joints, and be careful about the Pigeon pose. Always approach yoga with caution and questions when dealing with an acute situation.

How to sign up for classes?

If you decide to do yoga, come to the Studio ONE YOGA NYC in New York, which is in downtown Manhattan. Our instructors have been developing yoga studios in Europe for more than 12 years. In January 2022, we opened the first yoga studio in New York. Our trainers have an individual approach to everyone who has decided to start practicing yoga . They will help you to make a training program, considering all the wishes and possibilities. To sign up for classes, you need to contact our administrators through the form on the website or by calling the specified phone numbers.
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