Yoga for the back and spine
Modern people, lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, despite the seemingly dynamic world around them, which often results in problems with the spine, leads to muscle clamps, not to mention many diseases – osteochondrosis, disc protrusions, sciatica. You can prevent such problems by doing yoga.
Do you want to relieve pain, strengthen your back muscles, and make your posture beautiful? Do not delay solving these problems. Come to the One Yoga NYC Studio. Our teachers will help you choose classes that will allow you to get rid of discomfort in the lower back, neck, thoracic region, strengthen joints, in general, improve, and rejuvenate your body.

The benefits of yoga for the spine
In recent years, yoga classes have increasingly been viewed not only as a philosophical teaching for the elite, but also as an effective set of exercises, that allows the body to regain health.
In addition, this is especially true for strengthening back muscles and getting rid of joint pain. Many practitioners see in yoga a training option that combines well-designed exercises of gymnastics, stretching (stretching yoga), therapeutic physical education and breathing practice. Yoga gives you the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, endurance, allows you to get rid of stress and return to a positive emotional state. Regardless of the chosen direction, there are two main components in training – proper breathing and correct exercise.
Yoga for the back and spine is both prevention and therapy. It is important to remember that the main task of yoga is not to cure existing diseases, but to prevent back diseases. Although yoga gives excellent results by getting rid of back pain. Especially if this pain is caused by muscle atrophy due to a sedentary lifestyle.

With asana practice, you can achieve:

-  relieve of back pain which was caused by an uneven spine or muscle overstrain,
-  relieving fatigue, complete muscle relaxation, prevention of joint diseases,
-  strengthening of the muscular frame that will reliably support the body,
-  increase of metabolism,
-    improvement of posture, development of flexibility,
-    elimination of nervous tension.

Practice allows you to improve back health, and also learn how to resist stress, feel an energy boost.

Who are yoga classes suitable for?

Exercises for the back, and mostly simple asanas, are recommended for those who feel discomfort in the lower back, neck, thoracic region, feel stiffness of the joints, regular tension and the inability to completely relax. The yoga complex for the back will make it possible to remove the clamps, and to give freedom of movement and a special feeling of comfort in your own body.
Yoga classes are recommended for those who spend a lot of time in a sitting position or conversely on their feet, older people, athletes, women on maternity leave.
At the same time, it is important to consult a doctor on whether it is possible to perform yoga for the back, because there are also contraindications for practicing: serious diseases associated with the spine and joints, for example, spinal hernias, joint injuries.

Features of classes

If you are just starting your practice, there are basic yoga poses for the back that do not require special flexibility or special training, but at the same time allow you to strengthen and stretch your muscles.
* Bitylasana (cat-cow) is one of the simplest but most effective poses, which involves the spine from the first vertebra to the coccyx.
* Adho Mukha Shvanasana (dog muzzle down) – asana very well stretches the spine, opens the thoracic region, allows you to remove the clamps in the cervical region, while also stretching the back surface of the legs.
* Trikonasana (triangle) – perfectly stretches the muscles of the neck, entire back, hips, strengthens the shoulders, chest.
* Shalabhasana (locust) – allows you to work out the muscles of the back and triceps.
* Supta Matsyendrasana – twisting lying down, improves posture and mobility of the spine.
*  Balasana (child) is a relaxation asana. In the pose of a child, the spine lengthens and at the same time muscles near the spine relax.

How do I get a consultation and sign up for a class?

Various video tutorials and blog articles by trainers can give the impression that yoga is a very simple activity. But in fact, it will take several weeks to master the most basic poses under the guidance of a mentor and perform them correctly. Otherwise, all efforts simply will not bring results.
If you are looking for a competent and experienced teacher, contact One Yoga NYC Studio. All our teachers studied their disciplines with their sources. The Original Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) teachers studied with Bikram Choudry himself; Power Yoga teachers studied with Baron Baptiste - the founder of the method; Inferno Hot Pilates teachers studied with Gabriella Walters – the founder of IHP, Jivamukti Yoga teachers studied with Sharon Gannon and David Life the founders of the method. All our teachers have at least 500 hour training; multidiscipline teachers and our founders have thousands of hours of training, years of experience and different mentorships. Our teachers will give you recommendations on what to do in the class, and will give you modifications suited for your body during the practice, which will help to immerse yourself in the training process.
Our studio has all the conditions for yoga classes – spacious yoga rooms, changing rooms, showers, a professional air ventilation system, a cozy atmosphere, and, most importantly, a professional staff of teachers.

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