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The rhythm of life in a modern metropolis, especially if it is in New York City, FiDi (FinancialDistrict), the area where the financial future of the whole world is being decided, opens up a lot of opportunities for people and at the same time creates a lot of anxiety. The pace of life at breakneck speed, great fatigue, a minimum of recovery time, often a sedentary lifestyle, problems with excess weight – all this becomes a constant companion of people in the modern world.
Are you looking for a way to change the situation, improve your health, find harmony with yourself and the outside world? The best solution is yoga. Yoga School Downtown with experienced trainers who will help you open up the internal reserves of your body, teach you how to deal with stress, choose a direction in yoga that allows you to put your body in order.
Why do you need yoga?

There are a huge number of arguments in favor of yoga classes. But let's highlight a few main
regular workouts allow you to get rid of stress, teach you how to relax, improve your mood, get a boost of energy,
thanks to yoga, you can significantly increase your performance,
weight loss, fit body contours are important arguments in favor of training,
yoga helps you recover faster from illnesses and injuries, makes it possible to maintain excellent physical fitness and overall health.

The main point of yoga practice is to take control of your own body, thoughts and emotions, so that even in a short period of time the body and mind have time to rest and recover.
Where to start?

What direction in yoga should a beginner? Our experts note that everything depends on a person's personal preferences and capabilities. All practices are aimed at relaxation, getting rid of stress, gaining knowledge and skills to understand your body.
Original Hot Yoga in New York or Bikram Yoga allows you to harmonize the state, feel peace of mind, has a healing effect on the whole body. Training
takes place in a hot room, that is, at a room temperature of 105 F and humidity of 40%. The conditions mimic the climate of India, helping to immerse yourself in the necessary atmosphere.
The complex consists of 26 asanas and two breathing exercises, which make it possible to work out all the muscles and joints. The training lasts 90 minutes. Thanks to regular classes, you can lose weight noticeably – one class helps to burn from 500 to 1000 kcal, thanks to intense sweating and normalization of metabolism. And also to develop strength and flexibility, to find balance in the body by strengthening weak muscles, to achieve immunity strengthening, cleansing from toxins, strengthening the cardiovascular system, will get rid of mental stress.
Inferno Hot Pilates class it is most suitable for those who have set a goal to form strong muscles, remove excess from the abdomen, tighten the abs
and pump up the buttocks. After a few workouts, you will notice that the body begins to acquire slimness and spectacular relief, becomes flexible and obedient. And after classes, you always get a positive charge, so even in stressful situations, you will begin to react differently.
Jivamukti Yoga in Manhattan – enlightenment of the soul, the direction that gives peace of mind. The complex of asanas, along with a certain rhythm
of breathing, allows you to escape from everyday problems and immerse yourself in your own world. Classes in this practice also include chanting mantras, studying sacred texts, meditation, which together makes it possible to change life for the better. Performing asanas flowing smoothly from one to another, it allows you to develop flexibility, endurance, strengthens the
cardiovascular system, relieves stress, and also promotes weight loss, normalizes blood pressure.
Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga successfully combines elements of ashtanga vinyasa, bikram yoga and Iyengar yoga. The main feature of Baptiste Power Yoga is vinyasa yoga, which includes a set of hatha asanas and is held in a
room heated to 95F degrees, that is, it is an intense activity that will literally make you sweat. But at the same time, quickly put your body in order, reduce weight, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Mindfulness meditation in Downtown – a unique opportunity to deal with anxiety, depression, stress. This is an officially recognized Mindfulness-
Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in many countries, which was developed by American Professor John Kabat-Zinn in 1979. Since then, it has become very popular all over the world for the rehabilitation of patients, proving its effectiveness. The course provides a unique opportunity to learn how to overcome stressful situations by changing the attitude towards them, to develop the ability to interact with your own physical sensations and emotions, to focus on your own well-being.
Why us?

One Yoga NYC is a team of experienced teachers who have been developing yoga studios in
Europe for more than 12 years. In January 2022, we opened our first yoga studio in New York
(lower Manhattan). Our yoga school offers you the opportunity to practice the most popular yoga styles that will help improve your physical and mental health.
Our trainers have many years of experience, so they will help you choose the most suitable
program that will change your lifestyle, allow you to improve both physically and spiritually. The
studio invites both beginners and experienced practitioners.
How to find us?

Our studio is located in Downtown Manhattan, 3 minutes walk from metro stations – A,C,R,W 2,3,4,5 trains. You can sign up for the first lesson on the
website, or by contacting our administrators by phone.
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