Maria Artamonova

Co-owner of the studio in Moscow and New York, General Manager, Certified in Jivamukti yoga, Bikram yoga, Mindfulness

Maria first came to a hatha yoga class in 2002 in Moscow. The next few years were devoted to regular practice and finding my own direction in yoga. The year 2007 turned out to be a turning point, when Maria left for New York, where, after attending a Bikram yoga class, she realized that the search for her school was completed. Having adopted yoga as a lifestyle, Maria goes to the Bikram Yoga teacher training and receives a certificate from the hands of the Guru himself.
Having gained teaching experience in US and European studios, Maria returns to Moscow with a great desire to spread Bikram Yoga in Russia. Along with preparing to open her own studio, Maria practices yoga at the Indian Embassy and receives a hatha yoga teacher certificate.

In 2014, Maria returns to New York, where she takes a certification course as a teacher of Jivamukti yoga.
And now, having opened studios in Moscow and New York, Maria daily shares her experience and knowledge, gives her love and helps students to improve their health, grow and develop.
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