Yoga and vegetarianism: is one possible without the other?
Many who decided to start doing yoga, are interested in switching to vegetarianism. There are a lot of myths and various discussions around this issue.. . . .
Training in a hot gym: pros and limitations
Recently, hot gym workouts have been gaining popularity – Hot-Stretching, Hot-Barre (a new level of fitness ballet), Hot Pilates , Bikram Yoga.
How to make progress in yoga?
To make progress in yoga is a normal desire of anyone who goes to yoga classes for beginners or learns the practice on his own. But many often do not understand what the first result of yoga should be. . . .
Simple ways to meditate more often
Yoga and Meditation Practices – some of the simplest, but quite effective methods that allow you to reduce accumulated stress and protect yourself
from the new,. . . .
Yoga for pregnancy
Yoga – safe exercises and benefits for expecting mothers.
Meditation and Yoga Practices have become a way of life for many people. Many women prefer not to stop training during pregnancy. . . .
Stretching the body and your life through Yoga
Many people can perceive yoga as something you can only do if you are flexible and fit, but this is not the case. It is the path to becoming flexible and strong and it is very accessible.
How to breathe properly during yoga classes?
Proper breathing. We hear this phrase more and more often in the modern world, but still many remain in the dark about its peculiarity and importance. After all, breathing is a natural process that . . .
Yoga for runners: improving results and preventing injuries.
Running has been and remains one of the most popular types of physical activity.
More lately it has been combined with yoga, which harmoniously complements
not only physical activity, but . . .
Explore the world of meditation: how to improve concentration and mood
Life surrounded by gadgets, from which a stream of various information is constantly pouring out, regular stresses and anxieties accompanying the everyday life of a modern person . . .
The impact of yoga on cognitive functions and emotional well-being
A lot of research has already been conducted on the impact of yoga on human health and a huge number of scientific articles have been written confirming the undeniable benefits of regular classes.
Basics of Meditation
The main benefit of meditation practice - this is a real opportunity to change your life for the better.
7 results of yoga classes
Many who have decided to change their lifestyle, improve their physical condition, who have set a goal to learn how to cope with stress and overcome daily challenges . . .
Yoga for men and women – are there any differences?
Despite the fact that yoga fans are becoming more and more all over the world, there are still many misconceptions about who is more suitable for this practice – men or women.
Wellness yoga
There are many people who have a keen interest in yoga, but they believe that they will not cope with such classes, because they are overweight, have an inflexible body or are not confident in their endurance.
Yoga Clothes
For sports, the modern industry offers a huge number of different types of clothing:
T-shirts, tops, hoodies, hooded jackets, shorts, trousers, leggings ...
How to start practicing yoga?
Everyone comes to yoga classes with their own goals – to relieve stress, improve
their shape, develop flexibility, increase energy levels, learn to relax, get to know

Yoga for weight loss
Is it possible to lose weight by doing yoga, and have a quick noticeable result? This
question is very often asked by beginners who have decided to put their body,
thoughts in order, to achieve a sense of inner comfort.
Stretching and Yoga: what is the difference between them?
Both of these areas are united by stretching, maintaining muscle tone, strengthening
the body as a whole. However, there are many differences between them.
Yoga for the back and spine
Modern people, lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, which often results in problems with the spine, leads to muscle clamps, not to mention many diseases – osteochondrosis, disc protrusions, sciatica.
The benefits of meditation
Who doesn’t dream of living without stress and anxiety, which become almost constant companions, especially if life takes place in a huge metropolis? . . .

How to get the maximum effect from yoga classes?
Do you want to improve physically and spiritually? Is your aim to completely change
your life for the better? Start practicing yoga with us!
Meditation and Concentration: the Path to Perfection
In yoga classes, you can often hear from the instructor calls to "concentrate",
"maintain awareness".
Yoga for Beginners: Step by Step
The most difficult thing in yoga is to lay out the mat," said Bellur Krishnamachar Iyengar, a teacher who developed a new direction based on classical hatha yoga, named after its founder.
Yoga as a system of self-development
The topic of self–knowledge and self-development in the modern world is becoming more popular, people are becoming more aware that the meaning of human life is not only in physical survival, but ...
Yoga Studio Downtown
The rhythm of life in a modern metropolis, especially if it is in New York City, FiDi (Financial District), the area where the financial future of the whole world is being decided ...
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