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  • How to start practicing yoga?
    Everyone comes to yoga classes with their own goals – to relieve stress, improve
    their shape, develop flexibility, increase energy levels, learn to relax, get to know

  • Yoga for weight loss
    Is it possible to lose weight by doing yoga, and have a quick noticeable result? This
    question is very often asked by beginners who have decided to put their body,
    thoughts in order, to achieve a sense of inner comfort.
  • Stretching and Yoga: what is the difference between them?
    Both of these areas are united by stretching, maintaining muscle tone, strengthening
    the body as a whole. However, there are many differences between them.
  • Yoga for the back and spine
    Modern people, lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, which often results in problems with the spine, leads to muscle clamps, not to mention many diseases – osteochondrosis, disc protrusions, sciatica.
  • The benefits of meditation
    Who doesn’t dream of living without stress and anxiety, which become almost constant companions, especially if life takes place in a huge metropolis? . . .

  • How to get the maximum effect from yoga classes?
    Do you want to improve physically and spiritually? Is your aim to completely change
    your life for the better? Start practicing yoga with us!
  • Meditation and Concentration: the Path to Perfection
    In yoga classes, you can often hear from the instructor calls to "concentrate",
    "maintain awareness".
  • Yoga for Beginners: Step by Step
    The most difficult thing in yoga is to lay out the mat," said Bellur Krishnamachar Iyengar, a teacher who developed a new direction based on classical hatha yoga, named after its founder.
  • Yoga as a system of self-development
    The topic of self–knowledge and self-development in the modern world is becoming more popular, people are becoming more aware that the meaning of human life is not only in physical survival, but ...
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