Simple ways to meditate more often
Yoga and Meditation Practices – some of the simplest, but quite effective methods that allow you to reduce accumulated stress and protect yourself from the new, achieve peace of mind and improve your health, create harmonious relationships with yourself and the world around you. It has been scientifically proven that meditation is necessary primarily for "unloading the brain" and strengthening the nervous system. There are a lot of meditation techniques – group ones, individual, but they are all aimed at first realizing oneself, coming to a sense of the world through cognition of one's
own sense organs (sight, hearing, touch).

There are many ways to meditate on your own. Moreover, along with those methods where it is important to find a secluded place and give at least half an hour for this, there are many techniques that allow you to practice anywhere, spending a minimum amount of time. As a rule, these are simple pranayamas, that is, breathing exercises in which attention is focused on breathing, allowing you to learn to disconnect from daily problems, to get rid of the flow of various thoughts. Even doing five-minute sessions, the benefits of meditation will be.
Meditation in the shower

This practice is attractive because it does not need to take a separate time for it. It is enough to combine meditation with taking a shower. The purpose of meditation is to focus on your own feelings. You need to listen to the water running, feel the touch of water drops on the skin, follow them from the top of your head to your toes. Depending on the temperature of the water, you can track how it warms and relaxes, or vice versa, gives vivacity.

This meditation can be modified a little and not just follow the sensations, but imagine that
the jets of water wash away negativity, fatigue, illnesses and problems.

Meditation on the go

This method also does not require finding free time, since you can do it even on the way to work or while walking. It's easy enough to make your way so that you can walk in a straight line for at least 5 minutes without going down into underground passages or stopping at traffic lights. The ideal option is a park or a walk outside the city. The movement should be at a comfortable pace.

In this practice, the object of meditation will be steps, which is much easier than focusing on proper breathing , for example, practicing mindfulness meditation. Your focus in this case will be your every move. First you need to focus on your legs, hands. To keep your attention, you can count steps or pronounce in time with the movement: "right-left".

Over time, this practice can be complicated by focusing attention not on your own steps, but on sounds, smells, and breathing.
Slow Meditation

Its essence is to do everything you do several times slower and concentrate on every movement at the same time. For example, while walking, cleaning the house, cooking. This practice will not take much time, but it will allow you to become calmer and more aware.

If you engage in such meditation while eating, you can get a good bonus – weight loss, because eating slowly, it's much easier not to overeat.

Short daily meditation

A journey into the world of meditation with the prefix "micro" was proposed by the American psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman, who has written many articles and scientific books on psychology and brain research and has received worldwide recognition. He also studied the influence of meditation methods on the human body and psyche and came to the conclusion that even very short sessions help to become calmer, more harmonious, more conscious.

There are several ways in this direction, they are simple enough to learn how to meditate, but they are quite effective.

  • First, we observe the breathing

We close our eyes, take a few deep breaths and exhalations. When the breathing is transferred to a comfortable pace, the practitioner concentrates on his breathing and sensations. It is recommended to do breathing cycles from one to ten and repeat in reverse order.

  • Second, we analyze the sensations in the body

With our eyes closed, we focus on different parts of the body, starting from the top of the head to the feet and focus on sensations. It can be heat or cold, pain, itching, etc., in this practice it is important not to deprive any part of the body of your own attention. At first it seems that it is difficult and long, but after several sessions everything turns out good, and the process itself takes no more than 5 minutes.

  • Third – we breathe «fours"

Learn the basics of meditation "fours" is not difficult, its essence is holding your breath. The process itself looks like this: inhale – count to four, hold your breath and count to four again – exhale – also for four counts. It is recommended to repeat 10 times in one session.
Meditation on paper

Writing on paper is considered one of the most effective tools for deep self-knowledge. This meditative practice allows an overflowing and non-stop mind to show its best side and return the meditator's brain to the healing moment "here and now».

The process will require a sheet of paper and a pen (pencils, markers). Meditation begins when you start drawing, and it doesn't matter what it is – lines, circles, some shapes. It is not the drawing or technique that is important here, the main focus is on the movements of the hand, the lines that it draws, the sounds that are heard from pressing the pencil on the paper.

There is another variant of this technique – to write everything that comes to mind, even if it is a stream of incoherent words or sounds. Experts call this technique "morning writing", recommending doing it in the morning, immediately after waking up. We write all the experiences, thoughts, everything that comes to mind, impulsively splashing it out on paper. At the end, it can be torn or burned. This technique allows you to clear your mind, remove all disturbing thoughts and tension, achieve a certain lightness, which then gives cheerfulness for the whole day. That is why meditation is advised to be carried out in the morning, although there are no clear restrictions – it all depends on the desires and mood of the practitioner.
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