Meditation and Concentration: the Path to Perfection
In yoga classes, you can often hear from the instructor calls to "concentrate", "maintain awareness". Concentration of attention in yoga and elimination of the secondary is an important skill that is subject to everyone who has learned to meditate. The need of this ability is quite high, especially for residents of the metropolis, whose everyday life is often saturated with anxiety, stress, and chronic fatigue, the need to solve a huge number of cases at the same time and keep many tasks in mind. In such a rhythm, the issue of timely relaxation is acute.
Yoga and Meditation Practices at One Yoga NYC Studio, it is an opportunity to discover different directions, learn to relax through meditation, relieve stress, better understand your needs and prioritize correctly, achieve harmony with yourself.
Development of concentration

As the founder of Bikram Yoga practice Bikram Choudhury noted; "The meaning of meditation is to develop concentration. A person's life, his successes and failures depend on one thing – how he knows how to concentrate".
Regular meditation gives new opportunities in life:
  • Complete relaxation of the body, getting rid of blocks, relieving fatigue and stress
  • Increasing awareness, improving concentration
  • Restoring energy balance
  • Positive attitude, thoughts about problems go away and a person finds a solution to all issues of concern
There are several types of meditation before yoga, which are suitable at the initial stage of self-knowledge. Great gurus recommend starting yoga training with an introduction to pranayama – the practice of conscious breathing. It allows you to completely restore concentration and also to immerse yourself in the inner world as much as possible, to better understand yourself. It is advised to try dharana – a long- term concentration of the yogi's attention on some object. It is believed that this is an excellent method of curbing the mind, the development of willpower that does not allow it to deviate.

Different meditation techniques involve different immersion and can evoke different emotions. In any case, yoga meditation under the guidance of an experienced mentor allows you to feel refreshed and rested, helps to see the situation more clearly and suggest solutions to problems.
Integration of concentration into Yoga practice

Almost every direction of yoga teaches concentration of attention It allows you to achieve perfection of the inner world through the ability to keep the body in good shape, helps to withstand physical exertion without any negative consequences.
"In order to make it easier to endure difficulties in life, they should first be experienced on the mat in the hall", says American yoga teacher Baron Baptist, founder of Baptiste Yoga (Power Yoga) trend. The practice he developed is a unique combination of physical training and meditation aimed at combating stress and improving the body. This practice is a huge work on yourself, an opportunity to challenge the body and force the mind to cope with it.
Inferno Hot Pilates – this is an opportunity to form a beautiful body and recharge with energy for a full life without physical limitations. During the practice we pay special attention to the correct breathing technique and the precise execution of exercises. The peculiarity of training is that they take place in a "hot" hall – at a temperature of 95 ° F with a humidity of 40%. Such a microclimate enhances the effectiveness of training, while developing endurance; and reducing risk of injury.
Jivamukti yoga it is often called a workout for calm. Classes are a combination of physical exercises with spiritual practices that include mantras, meditation, and the study of sacred texts. Training allows you to harmonize the inner world as much as possible and find peace of mind, distracting from everyday problems. The essence of jivamukti yoga is working with chakras and energy flows. Trainings are accompanied with music.
Self-knowledge through meditation

Meditation is not just a kind of antidepressants, an opportunity to rest the brain, but also the development of mental activity, the ability to know your inner world.
Those who regularly practice, notice the benefits of meditation:
  • ruducing stress, anxiety, fatigue,
  • healthy sleep,
  • the ability to control anxiety,
  • higher emotional stability,
  • higher attentiveness,
  • the development of intuition, creativity.
It has even been scientifically proven that by practicing meditation regularly, it is possible to prevent brain aging – people aged 50 who practice meditation have a brain seven years "younger" compare to an average people of same age. In addition, such practices reduce inflammatory processes in the human body, minimizing oncological diseases.
Join those who care about health of their body and mental balance, come to yoga training at Studio One Yoga NYC. We have a team of experienced teachers who have been developing yoga studios in Europe for more than 12 years. In January 2022, we opened the first yoga studio in New York, now in the downtown Manhattan you can enroll in different classes (Our Yoga Classes).

Our instructors have an individual approach to everyone who has decided to practice yoga. They will help to make a training program, taking into account all your wishes and opportunities. Studying in our studio, you will always be able to find a competent balance of your own physical and emotional state.
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