Yoga for weight loss
Is it possible to lose weight by doing yoga, and have a quick noticeable result? This question is very often asked by beginners who have decided to put their body, thoughts in order, to achieve a sense of inner comfort.
It should be noted that yoga is not a sport where only muscles and body are worked on. Almost all directions of ancient Indian philosophy are focused on deeper processes; finding a balance between satisfaction with one's own life and good physical well-being. However, yoga burns calories no less than fitness classes.
Perhaps the result will not be noticeable as quickly as after training in the gym, and it will be fixed for a long time.
At One Yoga NYC Studio, you can sign up for yoga classes for weight loss – our
experienced teachers will help you choose disciplines that will allow you to achieve the best results.
The benefits of yoga for the figure

There are several reasons that explain the effectiveness of regular yoga classes for weight loss.
Boosting metabolism
Thanks to pranayama – breathing exercises that are included in each workout, the body begins to absorb oxygen more efficiently, releasing carbon dioxide. This helps to speed up metabolic activity, and has a beneficial effect on the health of the walls of blood vessels and internal organs. Performing asanas, we work with the deep muscles that hold the skeleton and are connected with internal organs, in particular, with the gastrointestinal tract, helping it to process and break down food faster, and more efficiently.
Moreover, with yoga practice the acceleration of metabolism is not a temporary
phenomenon for a couple of hours. The body starts the speed of metabolic activity in every cell on a constant basis and begins to work to the maximum in this regard.
Muscle strengthening
Performing asanas involves almost all muscle groups and consumes a lot of energy.
Figuratively speaking, during the classes accumulated food and fat in the body are burned, as in a boiler.
Cleansing the body
Yoga practice starts the process of cleansing the body. It stimulates the lymphatic system, makes the liver, kidneys and intestines work better. This allows you to remove all the garbage from the body – toxins, slags. Some poses involve compression, that helps to boost metabolism and endocrine system, regulating work of every gland in your body and normalizing hormones levels.
Changing eating habits
With consistent yoga practice the human body begins to rebuild itself and demand; certain nutrients. Therefore, trainers advise to listen as much as possible to what the body wants in terms of food. In addition, eating according to the rules of yoga helps to lose weight. There are two or three meals a day, in small portions, the last meal no less than two hours before bedtime, and a fasting day once a week.
Getting rid of stress
Yoga is the best solution to cope with stress, which is often leads to comforting with food, and weight gain. It teaches you to focus on the current moment, increases awareness, and improves mental abilities. Asanas in combination with breathing make it possible to relax clenched muscles, remove negative emotions and reduce tension. They also enhance the production of endorphins - good mood hormones, that helps the body to withstand the pressure of stress.
How often do you need to do yoga to lose weight?
Beginners often ask this question. However, it is difficult to answer it unambiguously
– it all depends on the desire to study, the specifics of the chosen discipline. In
general, experienced instructors believe that after any training, the body needs time to
restore muscles, without such rest, tissues are destroyed. Therefore, the best option
for beginners is yoga classes three times a week for an hour and a half.

Yoga classes help to strengthen the whole body as much as possible:
  • They improve blood circulation; help strengthen the cardiovascular system,
  • restore the nervous system, teach to relax, cope with negative emotions,
  • develop flexibility of the spine, joint mobility,
  • teach to control breathing,
  • facilitate rejuvenation and wellness,
  • develop the ability to understand and manage your body.
Yoga for flexibility and stretching is a kind of yoga stretching, when the basic elements of stretching (splits, deep bends) are achieved using the methods and techniques of classical yoga. All muscle groups are involved in the work. The whole body is deeply warmed up, worked out and harmonized in the classroom.
How many calories are burned during yoga?
Anyone who has decided to start doing yoga and lose weight at the same time is interesting in how fast and effective calorie burning is. Studies show that you can burn 180 to 600 calories in one workout. It all depends on several factors:
- the direction of yoga,
- the level of intensity of classes,
duration of training,
individual characteristics of the body (height, weight, genetics, metabolic rate).
There are practices in yoga that can burn significant amount of calories. Their main feature is the boosting of metabolic processes.
Bikram Yoga – is "hot" yoga, because the training takes place indoors at a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 40%, resembling a sauna. Classes are characterized by a fast fat-burning effect; you can lose up to 600 calories per class. At the same time, asanas allow you to develop balance, flexibility and strength.
Baptiste Power Yoga – strength training focused on improving the body and developing willpower. Professional athletes who are engaged in athletics and martial arts often practice it. Beginners who want to lose weight can also do this practice, modifications are always available.
Inferno Hot Pilates – in this direction, short intensive exercises alternate with short intervals of relaxation. In 20 minutes of such loads, you can burn as many calories as in 45 minutes of running. Workouts are perfect for people who are focused on short workouts and good results. During one class your body burns up to 300 calories, and additional 300 calories after class due to the metabolic activity in muscles.
Jivamukti yoga it is more like a fascinating dance with smooth movements, allowing you to achieve unity of soul and body, escape from everyday worries and immerse yourself deeply in your inner feelings.
Training features – work with chakras and energy flows. However, this discipline also promotes weight loss; it is often called yoga for slimming the abdomen and sides.
Unlike many other sports, yoga classes allow you to change your lifestyle so that the cause of weight gain disappears. Yoga practitioners are not emotional eaters and are more attentive to food, because yoga helps to relieve tension.
Sign up for classes and start losing weight

The teachers at the One Yoga NYC Studio will help everyone who has set their goal to not only lose a few extra pounds, but also change their lifestyle, to pick up regular workouts in One Yoga Classes. Having a lot of experience, they will put together an individual program for you that will give you pleasure from classes and results.
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