Training in a hot gym: pros and limitations
Recently, hot gym workouts have been gaining popularity – Hot-Stretching, Hot-Barre (a new level of fitness ballet), Hot Pilates , Bikram Yoga. Many people like the effect, which quickly becomes noticeable after regular classes. Those who practice Hot yoga also note its special focus, on learning the capabilities of their own body and improving them.

What is yoga in a hot gym and how to get the maximum effect of classes ? The answers to these questions are in a blog prepared by the specialists of the yoga studio in New York, ONE YOGA NYC.

HOT: the essence and advantages of training

Bikram Choudhury first discovered hot yoga in the 60s of the last century. He was fond of practicing since childhood, at the age of 13 he became the national champion of India in yoga. After a leg injury at the age of 17, doctors declared that he would not be able to walk. But thanks to his teacher, who picked up a special set of exercises, and his own perseverance, Bikram was able to recover. He spent his workouts in a heated room so that the hot air warmed up the muscles faster, reducing the risk of new injuries.
Such a wellness yoga brought results, and after Bikram's full recovery, Choudhury developed his own set of 26 asanas and two breathing exercises that allow him to work out all the muscles and joints. In his opinion, yoga is most effective in the hot Indian climate, and not in cool rooms.
Therefore, he proposed to artificially create such a climate in the halls. This is how Bikram Yoga
appeared, named after its founder.

The peculiarity of HOT-training is that the set of exercises is performed in the gym, where the temperature reaches from +35 to 40C, and the humidity is 38-40%. The hall is heated by safe infrared lamps. The setting resembles the climate of India to give the opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice as much as possible.

Special advantages of such training are:

  • thanks to the hot air and humidity, the body is easier to prepare for practice, the muscles warm up faster and become more plastic,
  • special temperature conditions create an atmosphere that both relaxes and sets up for work, allowing practitioners to concentrate only on performing asanas, proper breathing and the words of the teacher,
  • productivity of classes becomes higher – stretching in hot gym makes it easier to feel every cell of the body, safely stretch the spine, back muscles, neck, hips, buttocks.
  • A special set of exercises for the back, in the absence of medical contraindications, is especially relevant for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Another important plus from practicing in such classes is pumping your own
willpower, because overcoming yourself in difficult training conditions one becomes stronger physically and mentally.
What tasks does training in a hot room solve?

The atmosphere of the hall with high temperature and humidity makes you listen to yourself and your body as closely as possible during work, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts. Therefore, such trainings take place with maximum awareness and efficiency. Practitioners of the "hot" yoga directions note a lot of positive changes that classes give.

Stress reduction

The cause of many diseases and psychosomatic conditions is nervous tension and constant stressful situations that modern people face all the time. Yoga techniques are a tool that allows you to pause and establish contact with the body, relieve tension, switch, and engage in mental health. Thanks to regular training, you can harmonize the parasympathetic (responsible for relaxation) and sympathetic (responsible for
arousal and activity) parts of the nervous system, calm the psyche. Asanas, breathing and the opportunity to learn the basics of meditation teach you not just to recognize and accept your state in the present moment, but also to work with it.
Skin cleansing

Training in a hot environment promotes increased sweating, detoxification of the body and strengthening of the immune system. The accumulation of toxins leads to many health problems, including headaches, kidney disease, etc. Sweating helps to solve these problems, and also improves blood circulation by delivering blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to the cells. As a result, not only the appearance of the skin improves, but also the state of health in general.

Lowering glucose levels

Like any other physical activity, yoga helps to lower blood glucose levels. This is especially important for the prevention of diabetes mellitus, especially if we are talking about people with insulin resistance.

Blood pressure stabilization

Systematic yoga practice helps to stabilize blood pressure, which is important for people with compensated hypertension. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation and reduces the load on the heart, which is necessary for hypertensive patients. But before practicing yoga in a hot gym, it is important to consult a cardiologist and other medical specialists.

Active calorie burning

For many people, it is weight loss that often becomes the main argument when choosing hot yoga. Indeed, training in conditions of high temperature and humidity allows you to spend more energy, there is a significant burning of calories . According to scientific research, during such classes, you can lose an average of 500 kcal per hour, getting rid of excess weight faster. In addition, the performance of asanas includes self-regulating functions of the body, which are tuned to biochemical processes, normalizing metabolism.

Flexibility and mobility of joints

Joint pain is a scourge of modern people, it can be caused by various reasons, but with the help of yoga, you can noticeably reduce pain or get rid of them altogether.
Thanks to regular exercises, it is possible to relieve inflammation and prevent the development of joint diseases, reduce chronic pain, improve their mobility, increase muscle mass, reducing the percentage of fat, which leads to a decrease in the load on the joints. By improving blood circulation, it is possible to accelerate the resorption of inflammatory fluid and stimulate tissue regeneration, which helps to keep joints flexible and strengthen the muscles around them, reducing pain.

Despite the fact that hot yoga can be practiced by people of any gender, age and special physical training is not needed for this, since the improvement and
strengthening of the body occurs gradually, there are certain contraindications to such training:

Firstly, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as it can provoke fainting, headache, and lead to serious consequences.
Secondly, such classes are contraindicated in any diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems in the acute phase.
Thirdly, it is not worth practicing when one have malignant neoplasms.
Fourth, the ban on classes is if there are colds with fever.

In any case, before classes it is better to consult with your doctor and exclude the risks that may be for your health.

Where are classes held?

Studio One Yoga NYC, located in Lower Manhattan Downtown, offers yoga classes for both experienced practitioners and beginners. If you are still in doubt about which direction of yoga to choose, consult with our specialists and attend the first lesson. So it will be much easier to make the right choice for changes in your own life.
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