Wellness yoga
There are many people who have a keen interest in yoga, but they believe that they will not cope with such classes, because they are overweight, have an inflexible body or are not confident in their endurance. However, this is fundamentally wrong. There is a practice that is accessible and within the power of everyone, regardless of the level of physical fitness and health status – this is yoga as a wellness therapy. Although therapy in this case involves more an individual approach and the selection of techniques for a specific person.
Yoga School in Downtown invites you to yoga therapy in New York. One Yoga NYC studio specialists are ready to individually select complexes that help significantly improve overall health and cope with specific problems and injuries.
What is wellness yoga?

Yoga as a wellness system is a branch of alternative medicine, which is designed to treat many diseases using yoga techniques. Combining the centuries-old experience of ancient Indian philosophy and the latest technologies of modern medicine, it has long proved its effectiveness.
The main difference between yoga and yoga therapy is that in the first case there are several
important contraindications for health, and in the second – on the contrary, it is recommended to
people for the treatment of many diseases, as it is an analogue of physical therapy.

The essence of the methodology
The yogic approach to health improvement is based on the fact that a person's diseases appear when he/she lives unhealthy. Eating disorders, sleep disorders, bad habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse lead to malfunctions in various organs and systems of the body, causing various diseases. Therefore, yoga therapy is primarily a means for self–treatment, when a person is ready to take responsibility for their health into their own hands and change their lifestyle.
The methodology of yoga therapy is based on three main directions:
  • proper nutrition,
  • regular training,
  • understanding the main criteria that affect the quality of life.
It is the observance of all these basics that leads to the fact that over time the diseases recede.

Key aspects of these directions:
  • the desire to achieve inner peace,
  • self-confidence,
  • willpower,
  • purification of consciousness from inner experiences.

In other words, yoga therapy primarily involves the protective forces of your own body. This process starts a complex of asanas, which is selected by the yoga therapist individually. The combination of asanas and pranayama (breathing techniques) has a positive effect on human health if you exercise constantly.
Rules of wellness yoga classes
In order for classes to benefit the body, it is important to correctly select a set of asanas that will be effective for the treatment of specific diseases. It is better if an experienced teacher picks up the sequence of asanas in a correct order. Instructors of One Yoga NYC Studio are always ready to help in that.
Proper breathing is especially important. The whole practice of yoga is based on deep full-fledged breathing, so the control of inhalation and exhalation becomes the starting point of work in asanas. By the way, for beginners, this is one of the key arguments of yoga classes with a teacher, and not on their own.
Mastering asanas is also better to do gradually, not studying all the exercises from the complex at once, but periodically adding one or two.
The benefits of yoga therapy

Regular practice can increase mental and physical potential, cleanse the body of toxins,
rejuvenate it.
Very often, yoga therapy is used because of back pain, in particular, in the cervical and lower
back - those areas that take the brunt. Natural aging, sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture – all
this leads to the fact that the structures of the spine wear out, the blood supply to the intervertebral discs is disrupted, changes in the structure of ligaments and muscles cause spasms and pain.

Yoga for the back and spine helps
perfectly, especially if the diseases are caused by muscle atrophy due to a sedentary lifestyle.
Therapeutic yoga for the spine allows you to get rid of back pain due to muscle overstrain, strengthens the muscle frame, develops flexibility, eliminates nervous tension.
Therapeutic yoga for the back after regular classes makes it possible to remove the clamps,
opening up freedom of movement and causing a special feeling of comfort in your own body.
Therapeutic yoga for the neck helps in the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis. But experts warn against performing exercises in acute pain.

The health benefits of meditation is felt not only on the spiritual, but also on the physical level. Along with getting rid of stress, the ability to control anxiety, increasing mental stability, yoga and meditation allows patients to cope with
pain in diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes and arthritis, helps to get rid of chronic fatigue and prevents the development of multiple sclerosis.
If you are interested in yoga therapy, Yoga Classes instructors in New York City will make up an individual set of classes for you, taking into account the diagnoses of doctors, will help you in mastering practices and will become your
guide to the world of yoga study. Contact us!
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